Advertisement Opportunities

Cenmax’s Official Blog is on a mission to educate web developers and to introduce them to newer technologies and super-cool products that are around the corner.

Such that, at Cenmax Blog, we do accept advertisements. But unlike traditional tech blogs which offer a variety of advertisement opportunities, At Cenmax Blog, we only do Sponsored Reviews

If you’re having a cool product that you’d like us to write a review on, feel free to get in touch with our Sales team for a fully-customized quotation for the same.

Please be noted that we have certain eligibility criteria to be reviewed on our blog, and if your product doesn’t meet it, or if it doesn’t align with our reader’s interests, we might reject your product review request and in such cases, we won’t take any payment or fees for the service. Even if charged earlier, that will be fully refunded.

Also, as a more important note, even though we undertake and provide Sponsored Review service for a fee, it doesn’t mean we will write positively about your product. Our review will be well versed, and will certainly include negative aspects of your product (if we find any) as well as positive ones.