FTC Disclosure

Cenmax Blog has been functional since 2016 and we have been sharing many knowledgeable tutorials, comparisons, and compilations for you to help you choose the best products or services out of the options available.

How is our Blog Funded

Cenmax’s Blog gets its primary funding from Cenmax, the world’s most rapidly growing web hosting and cloud solutions provider.

The primary mission of our Blog is to educate our users, show them the web design industry best practices, introduce them to new products and such, as well as to promote our own products, to show users how they can efficiently use our products and to make new product announcements.

And, sometimes, when we’re doing product reviews, compilations and comparisons, there’s a possibility that you encounter an affiliate link.

An affiliate link is a specialized tracking link. If you’re using our affiliate link to purchase any service from a vendor we recommend, we get paid for recommending you to them.

However, no matter whether you click on our link or if you visit their website directly, the price you pay won’t change. It won’t become higher just because you have clicked through our links to purchase.

In fact, most of the time, when you’re clicking on our links to purchase a product, the vendors provide additional discounts to you on their pricing due to our well-established partnership with them.

Do we have Bias and recommend the products that pay us more?

Absolutely not. We’re not relying on these affiliate commissions to run our blog, as our blog is directly funded by the company.

No matter how much commissions they provide, we make unbiased statements and our ranking will stay unaffected. Our priority is to educate you and show you the best options available in the market.

That’s why you’ll often come across articles that rank a Free Product at #1 while a highly-paying premium product ranked at the last ranks. No matter how much they pay us, we make straightforward statements, and our ranks and reviews are always unbiased

Our Ethics

We don’t review or rank a product just for the sake of commissions. We never did that, and we will never ever do that.

All products that we recommend to you via our blog posts have been used by our web developers when they develop client websites.

Such that, we don’t list a product on our blog if we haven’t used it first hand.

And no matter the amount of commission we get, we would not rank that particular product higher just for the commission unless it is truly valuable for your hard-earned money to spend on.