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Cloud vs. Dedicated Servers – Which is best?

Essentially when it comes to enterprise hosting, You end up with two options in your table left. One is Cloud and the other one is Dedicated. We’re going to distinguish both and find which is good for you!


Cloud is more often virtualized dedicated machines. Unless you opt for a high-availability service from a trusted cloud management service provider, there is no literal difference between a VPS and cloud.

And yes, time is moving and we’re evidencing newer technologies like auto-scaling which is really worth the choice. Auto-Scaling might cut down a lot of expenditures on human resources as the system itself would take care of loads and optimizes the performance at zero latency.

Pros of Cloud:

  • Almost instant VM creation
  • Scalable in just a few moments
  • Ideal for companies without insight on load in busier times

Cons of Cloud:

  • Stability in peak sale times is still a question. You need to choose a good provider.
  • Very expensive when compared to Dedicated Serves

Dedicated Servers

The dedicated server, on the other hand, is more reliable and cheaper when compared to the prices of Cloud Servers. Dedicated Servers are the origin of the Cloud. Cloud is made up of dedicated servers but many servers.

Dedicated servers are traditionally used for enterprise hosting purposes until recently there was a boom in the Cloud market.

Pros of Dedicated Servers:

  • Cheaper when compared to the prices of Cloud VMs. Up to 20x cost savings.
  • Instant setup is available with most of the providers
  • Stable in peak hours without fluctuations.

Cons of Dedicated Servers:

  • None of the hosts offer pre-configured or auto horizontal scaling in Dedicated Servers yet.


I hope you have gained an insight into what these both offer and their pros and cons. We, at Cenmax, Offer both Cloud Servers and Dedicated Servers with friendly support around the clock. Get your quote here: Custom Cloud & Dedicated Servers

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