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FREE CDN and Cenmax Optim Suite with Cloud Hosting – Just Launched!

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At Cenmax, We get better day by day. Today, we’re here with a big announcement, the launch of our “Free CDN” and “Cenmax Optim Suite”.

We have been receiving a lot of requests for this feature. A lot indeed.

Why CDN is awesome?

It is awesome because your website data will be cached at 100s of servers at 100s of Internet Exchange Points where Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc., store their cache. This will increase your website’s speed tremendously. Already witnessing high speed? Thanks to our free CDN!

This free CDN service is actively cached, which in sense, your website will be cached and the cache will be updated in realtime.

At the end of the day, the overall latency of your site is dramatically reduced for the end-user despite the location they are based in.

That being said, CDN is awesome. But what is Cenmax Optim Suite?

Cenmax Optim Suite is a set of tools that helps you to optimize your website in just a few clicks. Just a few clicks are all that it takes.

However, if you’re an advanced user or a geek, you can always jump into advanced sections and optimize your site to a new horizon.

If you’re a WordPress user, we guess that you’re already familiar with these settings and advanced caching.

Not just that, now our platform has a new set of security tools included in Cenmax Optim as well. Therefore, even better security at your fingertips.

What are those security tools?

Firstly, you can disable or null route your site to certain parts of the word. For example, if needed, you can null route your site in China which makes your website inaccessible to Chinese users. Comes in handy when you’re DDoSed.

Secondly, you can null route a certain IP block if you believe it is sending malicious traffic to your site. Though it is an advanced feature, will be very useful for a few companies, however.

What can be Optimized using Cenmax Optim?

A lot of resources and file types can be optimized using the Cenmax Optim Suite. For example, you can optimize HTML, JS, CSS pages with just a single click. Not just them, but images as well.

Need to learn more about it? Experience is the best teacher, log in to your CloudCenmax panel and see it all in action now!

Cenmax is trusted by 3500+ Enterprises across the Globe. Join our wonderful family today!