Cenmax is undoubtedly one of the major website hosting providers in the industry. We host tens of thousands of websites, applications, and even video and audio streams through our network.

A few months back, our team started laying out plans to go green. Primarily, by choosing Green Electricity and by planting trees across the globe.

The data center is something that consumes a lot of power. All that power is primarily drawn from public electricity grids across the city in a redundant manner. And almost all electricity providers generate electricity using non-renewable sources like coal and oil. As a direct effect of all of these, the CO2 is rapidly increasing on the earth and is resulting in devastating climate change problems throughout the globe.

We decided to take a step. A step towards preserving the environment for our future generations, to play and grow with.

At the time of writing, Cenmax has planted 1000s of trees across the globe through various NGOs and Non-Profits. We’re also in process of acquisition of land to plant the trees all by ourselves.

We want to take this program to another level with un-dissolvable sincerity. That’s why not only do we plant the trees and leave them all by themselves, but we’re also spending on the maintenance of those.

The results so far

By using both ecologically renewable energy sources like Wind, Solar, and Hydro, and by planting trees across the globe, we have been trying to offset our CO2 emissions for the last few years.

By the time of writing this article, I am pleased to say that not only Cenmax is today Carbon-Neutral but in fact Oxygen Positive. This means we’re generating more oxygen in the atmosphere than that what we’re consuming to do our business operations.

Why does it matter?

We really want to create a better future for our future generations. While we can simply do nothing at all while collecting paychecks, we want to give back the society something – especially something like nature. We want to preserve the nature that we enjoyed growing with, and its magnificent beauty to be preserved for our future generations to see, enjoy, and love.

Thanks to our esteemed customers – you! for making this mission possible for us. Without you, nothing would have been possible.

As a result of all the environmental social work we have been doing for a few years, you’re now able to buy and use a hosting that doesn’t have a carbon footprint. No carbon emission, no greenhouse gasses, nothing.

A hosting service that is so pure, that it actually generates oxygen in the atmosphere to help the world sustain its pure beauty.

Taking it further

Even though we have attained a 100% greener hosting service, we’re not intending to stop or slow down our efforts a bit. We’re about to continue this amazing journey – a journey with and for this amazingly beautiful nature.

I will try to update this article with more new stats and cool information as we progress on our mission further.

Thanks for all your time reading this article – I hope that you’re as thrilled as I am, proceeding further on the amazing journey to preserve the nature.