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Growth Shouldn’t be a problem – Steps we have taken to help you when you grow!

The better hosting environment

What’s the purpose of you creating back to back website content and marketing it? Almost everyone’s wish is to get business through it. But what if you’re not able to cater to your hard-earned visitors just because you got viral? Painful. But no worries, we have made some serious changes to our platform, to help you cater to your users at all times.

The Problem

You own a website. You’re getting over 1,000 views a day. Which is awesome. But one of your content goes viral among the internet. And yes, you get tons and tons of traffic to your site.

When you’re using an ordinary web hosting powered by traditional web servers, the site will simply break. Yes. It will break and you wouldn’t be able to show your masterpiece work to the ones who would like to see it.

The result? Even though tons and tons of visitors to your website, you’d not be able to serve them. More or less, leaving the money on your table.

No matter how good your website’s design or content is, the end-user wouldn’t be able to see it or appreciate. A complete waste of resources.

If you’re an experienced blogger, you’d have come across such a situation for sure. But I would like to reassure you that that’s not going to happen when you choose to host with our Cloud hosting packages.

The Solution We Invented

Most of you might already know that our Cloud hosting is powered by pure cloud technologies like load-balancing and auto-scaling.

Our load balancing systems keep an eye out for any possible surges in the visits of your website. And the system we’ve built monitors this at a deep level, like once in a few milliseconds.

What happens when you start to receive tons and tons of visits?

Simply, your hosting container is added with more and more resources (sometimes you’re even provided with $500 worth resources for absolutely free of cost) till the load is handled. Technically, till the surge ends.

When the visits and load drop, simultaneously, the number of resources allocated is reduced to the optimum level and your site will be taken back to the normal infrastructure.

This simply means this: You’re not going to lose any visitors nor any possible conversions on your site. Everything stays as-is and lets you carry your business without any stress.

The best part? All these technologies let us provide reliable service to everyone. In most cases, on a traditional old-school type of hosting, whenever there is a surge in traffic of one website, all other websites are affected.

But this technology allows us to achieve two things simultaneously. One is to serve the surge in traffic for one of our customers. Then, to provide reliable, and unaffected service to all our other clients.

Why did we do this?

Only one reason: To improve the reliability of our service and provide a world-class experience for you without breaking the bank.

If you have been with us for a while, you would have known how better our services are, and how much customer-centric we’re.

Be it support, security, or performance, we always want you to give the best value for your hard-earned money. That’s as simple as it.

Not with Cenmax yet? We’re offering free migration. We bet you’ll not regret moving to our futuristic cloud hosting environment.

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