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High RAM Dedicated Servers Launched

At Cenmax, We’re Constantly developing & Researching about Various Configuration of a Server. By that way, We’re launching our High RAM Servers.

High RAM Dedicated Servers are specifically made for Application that Requires a lot of RAM to function Flawlessly. With upto 1024GB RAM Servers from Cenmax, You need not to work on Deploying many High RAM Instances in Cloud and Connecting it using either a Load Balancer or other Solutions.

Not only by Saving a Lot of Time, You get these Servers at Affordable Costs without Hidden Costs & Setup-Fees. But wait! It’s not all our Features Right? We need to Showcase something more than this too!

  1. We Provide 24×7 Support with all High RAM Dedicated Servers. If something goes wrong, Our Support Engineers will fix it up for you. We don’t limit your Support Requests, Support Sessions or Live Chats in any Way. Whenever you get an Issue, We will fix it up for you at absolute free of Cost.
  2. We Provide the Industry’s Highest Uptime Guarantee of 99.9%. Which actually means that we strive to Keep your Server connected to the Internet & Electricity at almost all Times. If we cannot provide with that, We will refund a Part of your Money!
  3. We Operate your Servers using Redundant Multiple Upstream Providers. Not familiar with what that means? Don’t worry. It means that We use the Highest Rated Internet Service Providers to connect your Servers with Internet. Not Just one ISP but we have leased Lines from many ISPs. If one ISP goes down due to Unexpected Reasons, Our Automatic Systems will switch to the ISP which is Online.
  4. We Monitor your Servers 24×7. If your Server Goes down, We will get automatically notified by our Monitoring Systems. If situation doesn’t resolves automatically within Few Minutes, Our Engineers will rush to the Server Location and will fix it up for you.

But this is not the Complete list. We have more than this for you. You can Navigate to our High RAM Server Offerings Page and find out more.

As an Introductory Offer, All Server Prices are Slashed to 80% of Original Price. Rush to get yours as Stocks on the Discount Sale are Very Limited! If you have any Queries, You can directly chat with our 24/7 Present Friendly Engineers. Have a Great Day 😉

Cenmax is trusted by 3500+ Enterprises across the Globe. Join our wonderful family today!