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How to Build Better Mobile-friendly Websites?

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Not everyone in the world still uses their traditional PC to access the internet. Technology becomes vast while new devices are way more small than we expect.

When you operate a website, it is a necessity to service the audience in the way they need your content. If you don’t do so, there’s always your competitor to do so. So, how can you make your website more friendly to your audience who uses Mobile phones?

Here’s a list of ways you can optimize your user experience.

Crisper, and much easier buttons

The smaller the buttons are on mobile devices, the more money you leave on the table.

When you’re serving for mobiles, it is important that your action buttons are larger enough to grab the attention of the user. If you’re a good sales copywriter, no doubt that you already know how important the size of the CTA button is.

Out of a study, a team concluded that the CTA button should be very crisp. It should be easy to see both the button and the text in it even from a considerable distance for the user. Only then, your hard work could reap into benefits.

Make the Navigation Simple

Navigation is an essential part of your web presence. The more the simple your navigation system is, the more people will navigate through your site and browse your pages peacefully.

Many UI developers don’t concentrate on mobile navigation, especially when they have a mobile app for their business in the app store.

What do most of them miss here? The UI developers who don’t concentrate on navigation when they have a mobile app are just simply assuming that the user will download their app to know more about their business.

If you have thought something like that previously, now I am saying you that this sort of blind assumption is injurious for your business. Not everyone with a device will download your app to know what you offer. Unless that’s being said you offer something that no one in the whole world offers. Needless to say how much money you lose when your competitor’s site is mobile friendly.

How to get things to work on mobile?

Make it simple. Show an icon to toggle the menu in mobile devices. Never complicate things. Keep your menu plain, simple and easy to click through.

Make it simple to read

Only when your prospective client is able to read what you have written on your site, he/she will further move on and give you their contact details for discussion or will buy a product from you.

No matter what size of the device they use, make it simple, comfortable and relaxing to read your site from their device.

It is suggested that for the optimal reading experience, the font size should be a minimum of 16px and the line height should be 1.4 (Optimizing line-height is extremely helpful in cases where the user is expected to read something primarily. Like at your Blog, News section, and etc.,)

But there is nothing specific to follow orthodoxly. Your imagination is your limit. Try everything you can and choose what you find very convincing for you.

As a closing note, you just need to make sure that your user is comfortable and relaxing when they read your site.

Again, Don’t push your app

Don’t ever try to throw your app on the faces of your visitors. You have a mobile application for your site? it is cool. But hitting hard to get more mobile app users by throwing “Download our App” popups will just leave your visitors poorly experienced with your site.

Not everyone who you show your popup to might actually be interested in your business. For a quick example, let us say you run a digital marketing agency. You have published an article that reads like 10 best ways to make more sales through social media. And as always, you have mentioned in the final part of the article that “You need not do this heavy lifting, we are here to help you”.

The user who came to your site is interested in the topic of your article, and not your business. Showing him “Download our App” popups will easily help your audience’s mind to lose concentration on what you teach. And they get annoyed. When you say we can do it for you when a user is annoyed with your content, eventually, they end up buying nothing from you.

UI has a lot of things to do with your sales. It is important that you understand these aspects and make your website as friendly as possible to get the most sales out of it.

At the same time where Popups are annoying, it becomes a tool to convert a lot of people who are interested in your service. But have a strategy before you do that so.

The good popup strategy:

Show them your popup once they meet certain hits. Like to say, show the popup after X number of visits. It makes your popups look more meaningful and the chances of action will be higher.

Make your site faster

Do you know that most of the people in the world are still using 3G to connect their device to the internet even while the world is getting ready for 5G?

It means the user will have low network speed and it is your duty to optimize your site in all the way you can to make it load fast.

You can use free testing tools like Webpagetest & Think with Google can be helpful to analyze how fast your website is and to gain an insight on how you can further optimize it.

Make sure that you use a CDN. CDN makes websites much faster for the end-user. There is a free option called Cloudflare and paid options like MaxCDN and etc.,

Your website’s hosting is a speed determining factor. The better your hosting is, the faster your website will be. In fact, switching from a bad hosting to good web hosting will result in up to 1000% much speed.

If you’re looking for high speed web hosting, consider grabbing your cloud hosting from Cenmax. A pure cloud hosting based on Google Cloud and CloudCenmax. Plans start as low as $8 per year.

Make sure you use a good hosting, a CDN (paid or free, it’s up to you) and a Caching system. If your site is based on WordPress, you can consider using a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache.

Closing Notes

At the end of the day, the customer is the king. Craft your website with care being in the place of a customer. It is recommended that you visit your site from your mobile phone as a customer. Analyze what you think of the experience. Think about what you can improve in it.

Unfortunately, UI and UX are not into something that you can follow a theory for crafting the best experience for your users. Like said before, the industry keeps on to change. And you need to change as well. But these steps and this advice are here to help you to identify if you have done any common mistake on your site or not.

Wishing the best for your success!

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