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Introducing Cenmax Fluid – What you need to know?

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At Cenmax, we always concentrate on building better things for our clients and it has been a core value of our company since inception. If you’re a Cenmax user, you would already know how much determined we’re to help you with your business, and how much we care about your availability.

We have been a pioneer in building revolutionary products for our clients. We always add out of the box things to our products, helping you to make your life better.

No matter how hard it is. We do it. We do it for you. And all we want to see is your growth.

Today marks an important day on our history, the launch of Cenmax Fluid. An easier to use and cost-effective software suite that can be used by any business in any industry.

If you’re operating a company for a while now, you’ll already know how expensive the Softwares are, and how much productivity is lost while surfing between different software. No more it will be a problem.

Cenmax fluid is a complete suite of software that comprises multiple components including a Lead Management, Project Management, Invoicing, Task Management, and Knowledge sharing system, all in one place.

So, no more you need to pay for multiple Softwares and kill your productivity juggling between them. We have made everything well integrated, well-optimized with a much simpler learning curve.

So let us get to the details. How can Cenmax Fluid change your life?

  • By helping you manage your leads in a simple and effective way through its lead management module. It lets you keep on track of your sales leads in a much simple way and allows you to track your overall sales progress in just a moment.
  • After-sale support is essential. But when you provide support through email in the caveman way, things can get so overwhelming and hard for you to track any open issues. Cenmax Fluid has an in-built customer support system from where you can easily handle your support requests and provide better support to your clients without a sweat. As a result, you can provide better support to many clients in a much lesser time span. Who doesn’t like to save time?
  • It lets you bill your clients in a much simple way. Either you want to charge you a client on a per-project basis, for a commodity, per milestone, or per hour, we provide you the necessary tools that help you create eye-catchy invoices for your clients in a matter of few clicks and send it directly to your client’s inbox.
  • Cenmax Fluid also has an in-built project management system. You can easily create new projects, tasks, delegate work, share your files, ask your doubts, all in one place. No more you need to use multiple Softwares. Everything is simplified and only a matter of click ahead.
  • Knowledge is essential. Improper maintenance of in-house resources for staff is a perfect recipe for disastrous support experience for your client. Cenmax Fluid comes with a powerful online knowledgebase system where your team can share their knowledge withing themselves and optionally with clients too!

All these are just a gist of what you might actually get from our brand new Cenmax Fluid system. We’ve got a lot more things and if you’d like to know more about our all-new Cenmax Fluid system, you can feel free to visit here.

Using a system like Cenmax Fluid for your enterprise will not simplify your tasks but can increase your workforce’s productivity, and morale while greatly reducing the overall stress.

No matter whether you’ve just started up, or an established giant in your niche. Cenmax Fluid can help you in so many ways and can get your monthly software bill down up to 80%. Make sure you check our new product out.

And if you have any ideas or suggestions, you can feel free to share it with us. We’re looking forward to improving our system consistently. And your ideas might help us to know what exactly users will need. So, if you have any idea, feel free to share it with me. I am all ears!

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