Streaming dedicated servers are life-saving and cost-saving. A streaming dedicated server saves you money as you will be getting access to a predefined volume of bandwidth at the best price.

When comparing with Cloud-based streaming solutions, which charge around $0.05 per GB when you consume more than 150TB Bandwidth a month (approx. $7500 a month only for bandwidth) whereas you can get a dedicated server with 1Gbps dedicated network port for $350 or lesser, a Streaming Dedicated Server is ideal for any streaming projects that use a ton of bandwidth (and it saves a ton of money as well).

But not all streaming dedicated servers are the same. In this article, I will help you choose a streaming dedicated server that’s a perfect fit for your project.

Let’s get started!

Your Audience Geography Does Matter

When you’re planning to run a streaming service, it is always better to physically have the servers near your audience.

So, if your primary audience is based out of the UK for instance, renting a server within the UK or near the UK like in Germany or France would greatly help your streaming latency.

Most developing countries have poor network connectivity to the world’s internet. Their bandwidth backbone might be limited. If your primary target is such a country, always choose servers as near as possible to the target audience. That way, you can increase your video/audio speeds to your end-users.

If you’re targeting multiple geographies, consider renting servers near to all such geographic locations, or try to rent servers from major network hubs like London, Singapore, Los Angeles, Frankfurt, and Miami and load-balance them for the best performance of your application.

Always Opt for Dedicated Network Connectivity with Burst Capacity

Streaming audio or video consumes bandwidth. So, you need a reliable source of bandwidth for your operations.

Usually, dedicated servers come with shared network ports. If everyone else on the network is using a ton of bandwidth, you might not get the committed bandwidth speeds resulting in a sub-par experience for your listeners/viewers.

Dedicated network ports are dedicated to your server. For example, if you rent a 10Gbps dedicated network port with a server, that 10Gbps volume of speed is assigned only to you by your hosting provider and is not shared with anyone else.

No matter how much bandwidth your users use, your speed won’t suffer as you got a dedicated network port with your server.

But when you’re renting a dedicated network port for your server, keep in mind, that the pricing might go a little bit higher. But given its reliability, it would be worth every cent you spend on it.

Bandwidth Quality

Choosing a streaming dedicated server with the best bandwidth quality is essential for success.

Not all providers have the best internet connectivity.

Good network connectivity will have access to your users with the lowest possible latency.

To build such a fast network, your streaming dedicated server should have connectivity to many TIER 1 network carriers, along with 100s of private peerings.

Any decent server provider will have a good network. But a great network is what you need to impress your viewers.

When you’re purchasing a streaming dedicated server, take your time to do research and always buy from a provider who provides best of its kind connectivity at affordable pricing.


Finding a good streaming server provider is tiresome. But that would be worth it in the long run. Always try to choose a hosting provider who provides a dedicated network port along with best-of-its-kind network connectivity.

Cenmax is one such provider. We have powerful streaming servers backed by 39TBPS global network connectivity. Feel free to review our streaming dedicated server plans, compare us with other providers and make your own decision based on your findings.