There are multiple ways to grow your blog without spending the money. But as we know, growing the blog through the free method could be typical and confusing sometimes. So that’s why we brought some ultimate tips to grow your blog.

Whether you are a newbie or a full-fledged content creator, we all need our blog to grow and gain much traction and traffic to help us make more money. However, this doesn’t mean that you must look around for the most effective method.

With a thorough understanding of the many methods to boost your readership, You can combine and mix them until you find the best combination for your specific needs.

Ultimate Tips to Grow your Blog

Here we have gathered some practical tips and tricks to boost the traffic and make your blog more successful and popular.

1. Use Call to Action (CTA)

If you want your audience to get more engaged with your content, it’s crucial to put the call to action (CTA) at the end or between the content. For example, suppose you wrote a fantastic article, which describes a method or a tutorial, but you could put a CTA to trigger an action from their end.

Call to action can be in the form of a button like you can put it to get your audience to fill out an email subscription box, or you can quote a phrase in the box to trigger an action.

Even simple questions could encourage and trigger the engagement. But try to put only single CTA per post to avoid overwhelming readers.

2. Use relevant internal links

When it comes to boosting the ranking of an article through the help of SEO, we always consider putting more effort into on-page SEO.

And for doing it in a better way, make good use of internal links, where you can put the links of your existing articles, which helps the users learn more about your blog and become active users.

Linking the words with relevant articles would really boost your SEO, but to make good use of it, you would need your internal links as natural and relevant as possible. So don’t try to overstuff it by putting irrelevant links.

3. Invest in a good hosting

Did you know? The speed of your blog’s loading page varies upon your hosting server. Thus it has a significant impact on getting potential new visitors, as the slow loading page could affect their experience, and they might bounce back from your site.

So the solution is to get the best cloud hosting or premium web hosting, which will act as a valuable investment for your blog, and thus it could really boost the SEO and help get the new visitors.

But there are tons of hosting providers out there, but you may wonder, which one is best for me? At cenmax, we provide all types of hosting, ranging from web hosting to large dedicated servers, which is made for loading your web pages as fast as possible.

4. Intergrate email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to engage your existing readers; it is also used to build rapport with them. In addition, you are providing a great way to share your content and get instant traffic from email.

To integrate email marketing plugins into your blog, there are various free and paid services, but you can choose according to your needs and affordability.

You could also use it to drive sales for your affiliate products and new offers to your blog. But building an email list for a newbie could be challenging, as you have to provide a quality article to make them engage and encourage them to fill out the email subscription box.

5. Optimize Your Content for Search Engine

Our final list of ultimate tips to grow your blog is optimizing your content to make it ready for the search engine. There are soo many SEO factors, which the content has to lead upon.

But you don’t have to be a tech-savvy person to do so; instead, you can use simple tips like:

  • Keep your page title between 60-70 characters while 155-160 characters for your meta description.
  • Add your main keywords in your post title and subheadings
  • Try to link out to the other related sites on your blog
  • Keep your URL short and with the keywords
  • Integrate long-tail keywords on your content
  • Add engaging images, videos or infographics


That’s where the article ends with all the 5 ultimate tips to grow your blog with the explanation.

Boosting the blog traffic is a challenge for each and every blog owner. Still, suppose you apply the strategy correctly, like building your email tribe and nurturing them through providing quality content with the CTA. In that case, you could actually end up boosting your blog traffic.

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