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We’re Super Excited to Launch Cenmax SoftSuite – What you need to know?

We are very excited to make this big announcement. We have introduced our brand new software called “SoftSuite” today, Complete software that your enterprise will ever need for its operation.

About SoftSuite

SoftSuite is a software application as a mixed package of multiple software. That’s why we call it the “Suite”. SoftSuite has an inbuilt lead manager, reminder system, project management, billing, contract management, and much more.

You might have questions for us like, Why did you do that? or What’s the purpose of combining multiple services into a single one?

We have the answer to your question.

When multiple software is used for one operation, or let us say you’re working on a programming project. Why would you need your staff to log in to multiple software repeatedly? and Why would you waste their time?

That’s the whole idea behind this software.

This is completely complete. All components are natively based on the core.

By using our re-invented SoftSuite software platform, your staff can achieve a lot of things, without clumsiness and fuss.

A true fact is – Easier the way you’re working, the easier way your job gets done. This platform has come to make your life easier.

Components of SoftSuite

We didn’t choose the word softsuite to make it look fancy. It is a fact.

The software package itself has a lot of applications combined, like to say, it has a deal management system, it has a support desk system, a billing system, a contract management system, an expense system, a project management system, a staff collaboration toolset, and a lot more.

To make it short, it has almost everything that you will ever need to run your business in an easy way.

How much does SoftSuite cost?

Our SoftSuite has two ways of billing. One way, you go with the cloud, we’ll take care of everything, you just do your business. The other way, you’ll take care of hosting related things, we’ll give you an irresistible offer that will save many hundreds of dollars on a monthly basis. Interesting, isn’t it?

  • Cloud – As said before, you just need to take care of your business, while we take care of the complete backend of the platform.
  • Owned and Leased – You take the software, its licenses and manage your application hosting yourself – We’ll help you to install and do a few other basic things for you to get started though.

Which is the most cost-effective option? We might be biased, so not a single word on this. You choose what you think its the best for you.

Despite the way you choose to bill, we’re always here to help you.

Here’s a gist into the pricing:

  • Cloud (Month to month basis) – Starts at $5 per user
  • Self-hosted monthly lease – Just $75 (Unlimited users)
  • Self-hosted annual lease – Just $750 (Unlimited user)
  • Self-hosted Lifetime – One time $1999 (Unlimited user)

You can find more about our SoftSuite here

Is this a BETA release?

No. This software has been completely tested with more than 3000 enterprises across the globe at the beta stage. And this announcement is actually being made for a production release.

Early-Bird Offers

While this software is launched before a few hours for the general public, We do have a special early bird discount sale running till the 15th of January 2020.

Kindly get in touch with any of our sales managers to get your discounted license.

Cenmax is trusted by 3500+ Enterprises across the Globe. Join our wonderful family today!