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What is a Virtual Dedicated Server?

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You could have come across lot of websites with products like “VDS”, “Semi-Dedicated”, etc., What do these actually mean?

VDS – The name says it all!

A VDS Server is very similar to a VPS. VDS servers usually come with more resources than that of a VPS. But at the end of the day, both are virtualized machines with dedicated resources like disk, RAM, and CPU.

Why we sell VDS?

There are multiple reasons why we have opted to sell VDS. A few of the reasons are:

To save the environment and to reduce the carbon foot-print. As a well-established company in the DC sector, we hope that it is our responsibility to save the environment. We took a step forward to save the environment by reducing the amount of power we use from Grid.

The more clients go with VDS, the more they are saving the nation from environmental pollution as VDS consumes a lot lower amount of electricity compared to traditional dedicated hosting.

To provide clutter-free service. A VDS is centrally managed by our proprietary software stack. Instead of walking through the corridor and searching for the server to troubleshoot it, A VDS allows us to manage it centrally saving a lot of time. This allows us to provide you better service in a much faster way. Our internal appraisal shows that switching to VDS will help us to bring the average response time from 30 minutes to 10 minutes.

Lower Software Costs. Most of the applications, ranging from cPanel, charge a comparatively low price for Virtual Servers. By opting for a VDS from us, you have both, so much of dedicated resources and at the same time lower software costs.

We hope VDS helps you save money, save the environment, save time and fasten the support, all at one shot.

Be proud to choose a VDS to take your step ahead to save the environment from deadly pollution.

What if you don’t need VDS?

We understand that everyone has different needs. Just in case, if you don’t think you need a VDS but a bare-metal instead, we can provide you the same. For quote kindly mail our Sales team at [email protected] – They’re available around the clock!

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