Detecting malware is really difficult and failing to detect malware on-time would always lead to undesired effects. That’s why we provide you with malware monitoring tools that will make your day easier.

The symptoms of malware:

  • Anti-virus and Anti-malware scans won’t run flawlessly. At some point, the testing tool might throw out errors. This technically means something is blocking the AV from running. 
  • You see a lot of random files, no matter PHP, HTML, JS, or anything that is a file that you’ve never created nor you believe your software did.
  • Your site redirects to some Chinese/Japanese shopping websites which might sell odd things.
  • Your website has unknown index file contents
  • Starts to show a website that’s not yours at all or you haven’t created at all
  • You have multiple random folders on the home index that you don’t remember you saw ’em when you logged in for the last time.
  • Your site automatically hijacks your mail server and starts sending ‘bank loan’ email blasts to random people (or even worse by selling a disgusting product)
  • And much much more (our fingers are hurting to type already). At the end of the day, you’ll have a feeling that your site isn’t doing good.

Malware is critical. The faster you get to know your site is affected, the easier the fix will be for you. Else it will become a nightmare for you to fix it. Not to mention the hours of work, and the efforts you need to put in to get rid of the malware completely.