This is common when your website is relatively new and when you haven’t uploaded any files (or specifically the index file) to the server. In normal cases, like to say in cPanel, when there’s no index file, all your website contents will be displayed publicly no matter whether it is a zip file, CSS assets, PHP codes, and JS scripts.

With that being said, publicly displaying your files and its structures is indeed a security risk (Needless to say about security when your website visitors will be able to download your zip files without you knowing at all). 

That’s why our platform is developed in a way where an error is thrown out so that your website visitors won’t be able to see any files, structures or will be able to download any of your ZIP files.

How to quickly fix this problem?
Add a dummy index.html file to your public_html folder and check your website. If it still doesn’t show a blank page but throws an error, add a dummy .htaccess file (completely blank one) and try again. As soon as you do, 99.99% of the time, your website will start functioning normally or at least will display a blank white page which means the hosting is working fine. 

If you have done what we said and still face this problem, you can feel free to contact our support. We’re always here to help you with any problems you have.