While our WordPress hosting and Cloud hosting come with necessary security features in place, we strongly believe that without your involvement in security, the security of your site might be vulnerable. Kindly follow these security guidelines to keep your WordPress website secure.

  1. Never use a pirated/nulled WordPress theme or plugin on your WordPress website – Almost 40% of malware infections in WordPress happens only because of usage of nulled plugins and themes. While not everyone uses these nulled and pirated themes and plugins, there are many using it still. So, to keep your site secure, never use those. (EDIT: This also applies to themes and plugins downloaded from group-buy sort of websites. They contain malware too!)
  2. Never install a plugin/theme downloaded from 3rd party unreliable sites. You can obviously use ACF Pro, Elementor Pro, Yoast Pro, or any plugins you download from Envato or such established marketplaces. But never install a plugin or theme that you have downloaded from an unreliable source like from a free download site and install it on WordPress. Install themes and plugins directly using WordPress’ installer from the official repository and only from trusted sources.
  3. Always use a WordPress protection plugin like WordFence. WordFence is one of the best security plugins in the market, and they publish constant security patches for almost all plugins.
  4. Be on the latest version of WordPress at all times. WordPress evolves consistently and introduces much better security with every single release. Such that, it is important to stay on the latest version of WordPress and also update your themes and plugins periodically. (PS: On WordPress Hosting, we update the core, plugins, and themes automatically)
  5. If you believe that your PC is affected by some malware, kindly do not use FTP applications to upload files. Instead, use our Web-based file manager.

Your security is our priority – Be secured from vulnerabilities by following these 5 tips throughout your career. Based on the experience of securing more than 5000 WordPress websites hosted on our platform, we believe that these tips which we have shared above might help you overcome 98% of security vulnerabilities.