Having live chat support on a website was a difficult task because we had to hire a developer for integrating it into our website. Well its good to add live chat to your website for free

But since WordPress came into play, everything started changing, and the growth of having a live chat feature on your WordPress website has become necessary, and it has also become a trend.

The integration of live chat support is staggeringly growing, and people have started adopting this technology to help their customers to communicate well. Live chat is an excellent way to retain customers, boost sales, and improve the overall customer experience.

Add Live Chat to Your Website for Free

In this way, the interaction between the client and owner would fill the gap of having excellent support by live chat.

But people used to solve the customer’s problem by following the traditional methods like emailing, raising a support ticket, contact us page, etc.

But in this scenario, the big question is, which is the best live chat support for your website and how to add them because many people face problems finding an excellent affordable service with a beginner-friendly setup.

So, if you are looking for a way to install and integrate Live chat on your website, you are in the right place, As there are a wide variety of paid services where you have to lose a lot. But here, we will show you how to add Live Chat to your website for free.

Best Live Chat Service for FREE

Before integrating the live chat into your website, it’s necessary to choose the correct live chat service that suits your organization’s needs.

There are many different live chat software available in the market like Freechat, HubSpot live chat, respond.io. These are the ones that have a free plan where it will provide you with the essential live chat support for your team and your customers.

I have used this softwares, and I like the tawk.to, where you get tons of features, including the mobile app software, where you can chat to your customers using your mobile phone only. 

But do you know the best part?. It’s 100% Free; there is no premium version, just one feature-packed version for each website.

Key Features of Tawk. to

  • Real time montitoring
  • Automated Triggers
  • Ticketing Built-in
  • Initiate a chat from your website or mobile apps
  • 100+ integration

Step by Step method to add Live Chat to Your Website for Free

Now it’s time to learn how to install the live chat plugin to your WordPress website for free; for this purpose, I am using tawk.to application, where I will be showing you the complete steps to integrate a successful live chat to your website.

STEP 1. Add your Site details

First, you have to signup for the tawk.to website, where you have to create a property, and then you need to add your Website namewebsite URL and the widget name of your choice.

STEP 2. Add Team members

You will need to add and configure the team members; you can add them by email if you have agents handling the live chat support. The same goes for the admin; you have to toggle between the two.

STEP 3. Add script to your site

After configuring the basic setup, you will need to install the widget, and this is the most crucial step, where you have to install the code into your WordPress website carefully. Now we will show you the two ways of installing the live chat widget.

STEP 3.1. How to Add tawk.to live Chat through Theme editor

For installing the code through the code editor, you need first to copy the code and head over to your WordPress dashboard, where you have to navigate to Appearancetheme editorfooter.php, and you have to scroll down and find the </body> tag and paste the code before to it and click save.

STEP 3.2. How to Add tawk.to live chat through WordPress Plugin

But if you are still confused about whether you have added the code correctly or not. Don’t worry. We have got you covered; you can implement the tawk.to live chat through its WordPress plugin.

You just need to type tawk.to live chat in the wordpress plugin repository, where you need to install and activate it. Now you have to enter your credentials under the tawk plugin, where it will show the option to select your property details so that it can use as a widget.

STEP 4. Checking the dashboard

After successfully entering the code through the plugin or maybe manually, you must start seeing the twak live chat integration right into your website pages.

But if you want to change the functions of your live chat, you can change this by going into the administration settings, and after that, you will be allowed to change the widget behaviours right under the chat widget option.

So that’s the whole complete easy process where we have shown the exact steps to add live chat to your website for free using tawk.to software.


Live chat is a good way for your businesses to support your customers with real-time online chat support, but some companies don’t have many agents to provide support through calls.

But managing many customers at once is pretty easy now by having live chat support for your agent.

And, Tawk.to is an excellent application to have a working live chat support feature for your website running 24*7. If you’re looking for an option with free CRM as well as a Live Chat system, one better alternate would be Hubspot which includes both CRM functionalities and a Live Chat System.

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