You must have seen many blogs having a separate page of the contact form, where they get tons of emails from their subscribers, making a connection to the author. All this could happen because of the best contact form plugins for WordPress.

Contact form becomes very necessary, where you want your audience/customers to provide a platform where they can post their feedback, suggestions, questions and many other things directly to you.

Having the best contact form for WordPress also allows you to add security features where the CAPTCHA fields will block the flood of spam messages you’d receive when you put your email address on your site.

You could also style the contact form with the help of the plugins available in the WordPress marketplace, where there are tons of plugins (FREE and Paid) available to customize and fulfill your needs.

Users could also customize in such a way where you control the information you will receive from your users, this will help you collect only that information, which is necessary.

Now it’s time to check out the plugins, which I have personally used to get good user engagement with the help of the best contact form plugins for WordPress.

5 Best Contact Form Plugins for your WordPress Blog

I have used several contact form plugins, whereby I have selected these 5 good working plugins, so at the end of this article, the doubts regarding choosing the right contact form plugin for WordPress will be cleared.

1. Contact form 7

contact for 7 plugin for wordpress

Contact Form 7 is easy to use the contact form, where it has a shortcode embed feature to create a simple contact form in seconds.

Over 5 million active installations and well-known plugins have created a huge impact in creating the form at ease. But it isn’t that so easy to create a form through contact form 7.

You have to embed the shortcode to the target page where you want to show the contact us form on the page.

Although, once you have learned, it’s not that hard to create the form from the contact form 7 plugin.

Top Features of Contact Form 7

  • Easily customize form fields
  • Use simple markup to alter mail content
  • Integrate with Various Marketing Tools
  • Typical form editor (no drag and drop)
  • Use custom CSS to decorate.
  • Lightweight in Size

3. Gravity Forms

gravity forms for best forms
credit: mailerlite

Gravity forms are one of the top WordPress contact form plugins, which includes tons of sophisticated advanced features which the users have an edge to customize accordingly.

Forms are built with a drag-and-drop system which includes a variety of conventional fields as more advanced, and it includes the special fields for pricing, posts, and various other types of posts. 

There are various options available for each field, including style prioritization, visibility, and much more.

With the gravity form, you could also build WCAG 2.0 AA compliant, and as it is a drag and drop builder, so you won’t have to leave the area to create it. You could also backup the files using their simple import and export functions.

Sadly, there is no free version available for the users like the other plugins, so make sure to check its prices according to your needs. But there is demo signup where you could have a taste of how it works.

Top Features of Gravity Forms

  • Easy Drag-and-Drop Builder with beginner-friendly tools
  • Users can save their forms and continue at any point
  • Fully responsive forms which can adapt any device resolution
  • Customize your site with CSS for extra features
  • Ability to create more than 30+ forms fields
  • Uses conditional logic

3. Ninja Forms

premium ninja form plugin for wordpress

Another great premium best contact form plugin for WordPress that comes under our list is Ninja Forms. It is also one of the most popular contact forms where it provides the users with great premium features in its free one that no one easily gives.

With this plugin, you could create using its pre-made form templates, or if you want to make it from scratch or want to add other fields and customize it, then creating the form from the blank template would be pretty easy.

The best part is, it’s very beginner-friendly, where a newbie could easily create a stunning form from the scatch. There’s also an option to create an upload form, where a visitor could upload the submissions as a PDF, Excel sheet, google sheet, and much more.

But with the premium feature, you will have access to essential functions such as email marketing, conditional logic, and other payment options, including PayPal, express payments support, and many more features. But it only restricts using up to 1 website in its starter plan.

Top Features of Ninja Forms

  • Its a 100% beginner-friendly plugin
  • Accept payment and donation using the form
  • Having wide options of pre-built templates
  • Having the GDPR compliance
  • Fully mobile responsive themes

4. Wp Forms

We always wanted something, which was very simple and easy to use and implement. Wp-forms is such as a kind that provides a smooth and simple UI experience form builder made for beginners.

It has the installation of over 3 million websites that uses its powerful features to create a beautiful form with the simple drag and drop feature. It also has Captcha for spam protection for free.

Every form created by WpForms is highly optimized for Web servers to maintain the site performance. It also focuses on SEO and conversion, where you can build high-converting lead generation forms.

There is nothing much to say about its features in the free plan, as it includes all those basic features which a beginner needs to create a simple contact form to engage with its users.

You could create email subscription forms, order forms, multi-page forms, payment forms, Typeform-style forms, survey forms, and event registration forms in the premium version.

Also, you will get other features like file upload, geolocation, signatures, and user registration type of things that you could do with the premium pricing.

Top Features of Winforms

  • Drag and Drop form Builder
  • Responsive Mobile-friendly forms
  • Smart conditional logic includes
  • Get instant notifications for leads
  • Upload files and media in upload form submission
  • Custom user registration forms

5. HubSpot

best form builder plugin

Our last in the list of Best contact forms plugins for WordPress is Hubspot. It is a great free all-in-one plugin that lets you manage all the marketing setups and tools to get more engaged with your users.

Among many features like CRM, Email marketing, live chat integration, it also has the feature to create a contact form with ease. It has pre-built contact form templates, which lets the users customize it with drag and drop facilities.

HubSpot also provides pop-up facilities to capture visitors with interactive pop-up pages.

Adding, features, it has an interactive form builder that can build almost any form, for example, conditional logic forms, custom forms, online forms for donations, feedback forms, the newsletter form payment form, order form, and many more!

All the forms you create and whatever the users will fill the data into it will automatically save all the submissions and contact details to the free CRM to track all your customers’ data.

Top Features of HubSpot

  • Access to free CRM
  • Build almost any type of form in the free version
  • Easy to use pre-build templates
  • Most of the useful features are free
  • 100% beginner-friendly

You can signup for a free Hubspot account here.


Creating a beautiful form is now very easy to create like within a few seconds you can have the professional-looking contact form in WordPress.

But as I have shown you the 5 best contact form plugin for WordPress in the above sections and its features and so your doubts may have been cleared till now.

But if you have still doubt and are confused about which plugin to choose from, then keep reading.

Among these plugins, all those are free except the ninja forms. Ninja forms have all the features, which you might need as a professional user. But what if, you are just starting and want all those necessary features without paying anything.

If you just want to create a simple contact form, where you want that your audience should contact you, then wpform or contact form 7 would be a good choice to get started with.

But if you want some more features or maybe you want to customize it more professionally, then gravity forms are a good one to fulfill your needs.

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