If you are looking to create a favicon for your WordPress site, you are in the right place.

The icon you see in the browser tabs is more likely to attract and help the visitors to recognize the website, and that’s the power of having the favicon on your WordPress website.

The icons you use may not be memorable and make your website appear unprofessional. Thus, designing an individual WordPress Favicon will be essential and the first item you’ll need to consider for your website.

Also, this is not a difficult part to add a favicon icon to WordPress, and this is an easy job that would help you take this as a necessary action for your site.

But creating a 512×512 pixels size favicon could be challenging for some people, As having a perfect size favicon will create a beautiful and professional image that would suit your website.

How to create a favicon for your WordPress site in easy steps

That’s why we included all the necessary information to help you create a favicon for your WordPress site in easy steps. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Planning your favicon’s design

There are specific ways by which you can create a favicon icon, but before that, you would need to plan out what kind of design you wanna create.

Because the favicon icons are very small and tiny, so the detailing wouldn’t be much visible, but if you have the existing branded icon for your website, then we would suggest converting them into an ideal favicon icon size or doing some modifications, or making it simply looking would make it a good looking on a browser tab.

On the other hand, you can also create an entirely new image where the structure of your new icon would be gonna same, but the design will be different. Means your site branding, which includes the color, fonts that are already a part of your website design.

You only need to make it a simple-looking icon to help the viewer recognize it and give it a professional look.

Steo 2: Creating your Favicon Icon

Once you have designed your favicon icon, it’s time to give it the actual creation. If you are using the existing logo, it’s also good to go with it, but having the simplified version would help you a lot.

Now, there are specific ways by which you can design and create your favicon, either hire a designer or use the image editing software like photoshop or use a web application like Faviconer or favicon.io.

These tools are free web-based browser tools that you can use to create or convert from the image, text, and logo.

create a favicon for your WordPress site

Although these are suitable methods, you could also customize the icon entirely by using photoshop. But after the creating, make sure to keep the size favorable for the browser, which you wanted to keep on.

16 x 16 or 32 x 32 pixels is ok for the favicon size, but we suggest you keep the 512 x 512 pixels, which is the standard favicon size for WordPress.

Once you have done the designing part, click on the download button and download the favicon.ico files.

Step 3: Add favicon icon to your WordPress site

Now it’s time to add the favicon icon to your WordPress site; we will use the theme customizer to add the icon. As this is the most ideal method for most users.

Now simply go to Appearance > Customize from the WordPress dashboard and then select the site identity option.

There you need to find the site icon section, where you will need to upload the favicon icon by clicking on “select site icon.” Here you can upload the 512 x 512-pixel size icon of your image, and this would be used both as a favicon and mobile app icon.


That’s how you can create a favicon icon for your WordPress site, and adding it to your website would be as easy as creating it.

Here, the favicon is being put through some process, which you should also focus on. First, go with creating a new favicon icon or modifying the existing one. Second, we have used some tools like favicon.io, where you could create the 512 x 512-pixel size icons.

And the third step, we simply added the icon to our WordPress site using the theme customizer.

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