Have you ever been frustrated with a slow computer at work? Or maybe your company has gone through several rounds of layoffs, and each time the IT department is reduced. Or perhaps you’re starting up a new business and need to keep costs low for now? These are all reasons why some companies turn to application hosting services, also known as software as a service (SaaS).

What is application hosting?

Application hosting is the process of hosting an application on a server. The application can be hosted by the client, in-house, or with a third party.

Most commonly, the software vendor themselves take the hassle of hosting your application and ensure that your software is always online.

For example, if your company uses Salesforce to manage its sales team’s CRM system, then Salesforce is a hosted application because it runs on servers at Salesforce’s facility instead of on your own computers. Here Salesforce is managing the servers on behalf of you, ensuring your app will always run flawlessly allowing your workforce to work around the clock without bottlenecks.

An Application hosting is nothing but having your application on the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Why Application hosting?

SMBs and Enterprises today are slowly, but steadily, transitioning to Application hosting services. Why? 2 Major reasons are…

Lower cost

With application hosting, you pay only for what you use—no need to purchase expensive hardware and software licenses upfront. If you have a smaller workforce, you don’t have to pay a higher cost for perpetual licenses and server equipment.

For a smaller team, financially speaking, Application hosting is a boon. It allows you to operate your business without breaking your bank.

Improved performance and uptime

Since your app’s hosted at a data center with redundant equipment and power supplies, there are fewer chances of downtime due to technical glitches or system crashes than if it were running on a local machine inside your office building or house.

This means higher productivity levels for employees who rely on those applications every day!

Wrapping up

Now you know what exactly an Application hosting service is and how it can be beneficial for your business when compared with traditional methods.

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