Cybersecurity threats are everywhere in the digital world, from phishing schemes to distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), attacks, and everything in-between. It is now more difficult than ever to keep your data online safe.

Common cybersecurity errors can lead to people falling prey to cyber-attacks. You can avoid becoming another cybersecurity statistic by being aware of these mistakes and learning how to avoid them.

Let’s look closer at five of the biggest security errors made online.

It wouldn’t happen to me

Even though you are aware of the risks, it is possible to have an “it would never happen to me” mentality. Online security breaches are becoming more frequent than ever, and it seems like everyone is at risk.

This is why it is important to understand that data can be lost or stolen.

Lack of Cybersecurity Vision & Plan

A security problem that could have been addressed quickly can become a bigger breach if victims don’t react quickly enough. They don’t know what to do when the breach occurs.

You can avoid potential disasters by having a plan.

Not maintaining timely backups

Regular data backups are one of the most effective and reliable ways to protect your files and information from total loss. A backup lets you store copies of the most sensitive data in a separate location from your primary storage. This ensures that even if your network or device is compromised by ransomware, you will still be able to access the files you need.

Using weak passwords and common passwords across the web

Hackers use sophisticated algorithms and methods to identify passwords. If you still have weak login information, it’s possible that it could be cracked within minutes.

It’s a good time to make sure your passwords are secure. This will prevent hackers and computers from stealing them. It is also a good idea to create different logins for each account.

Relying on a low security hosting service

How many times have you reviewed your hosting plan in the past? You could be compromising your cybersecurity if you are on a sub standard hosting service which powered by stone-age tech. You can improve your security and protect data by upgrading to a reliable web hosting service. Reliable web hosting services offer many other benefits such as lower latency and higher security. Or even better to upgrade to a dedicated server if your budget allows for best security.

Avoiding these cybersecurity errors will help you keep your information safe and decrease your chance of being hacked.

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