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Introducing New Web Hosting Products

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We’re here with great news. Today, We’ve launched our cheap, powerful and reliable hosting plans based on DirectAdmin.

Packages start as low as 8$ per year. In other words, anyone with a dream can host their website on a much powerful, & reliable hosting platform without breaking the bank. The new plans can be found here.

What’s so cool about our hosting?

That was a good question, indeed. Our new cheap web hosting plan is feature-rich and each feature is crafted with care to be beneficial for you in a day to day life. Here’s a list of some features:


Needless to say about the price. Our new cheap hosting packages are cheaper than you expect. We also assure you that whenever you renew your hosting, you’re not going to pay a whole bunch of money. You’ll be paying at the “then-current” price to renew your hosting.


Our hosting is based on Cloud Instances. Which means the server can be easily scaled up and down as per the demand. Much better scalability and security when compared to traditional hosting. Now, you can rest peacefully at nights knowing that your site will function without any issues.


Same Wonderful support from the Cenmax team. The best support in the industry, available 24×7. As usual, much friendly, professional, and expert support to lend you an extra hand of help whenever you need it.

The Unlimited Thing

Whatever the cheap web hosting package you choose, you can host an unlimited number of websites without any restrictions. No need to pay extra pennies whenever you have a new domain.

And apart from all of these, the hosting packages also include the basics like Free SSL, Free Daily Backups, Free DDoS protection (of upto 2GBPS) and a 465+ Script Installer.

I hope you’ll fall in love with our hosting packages. Do not forget to let us know what you think and the fact that we’re available here around the clock to help you 🙂

Cenmax is trusted by 3500+ Enterprises across the Globe. Join our wonderful family today!